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 Classic Pumpkin Pie 

Classic Pumpkin Pie 

 Dorie Greenspan's Cookie Tips

Dorie Greenspan's Cookie Tips

 Get Inspired: Black Forest Cake

Get Inspired: Black Forest Cake

Beginning the meal: Cocktails, Appetizers and Sides

It's Turkey Time

How to Make Better Turkey
Turkey Leftover Ideas
Fried Turkey Done Safely
Chef's Turkey Tips
Bacon-wrapped Turkey
How to Brine Turkey

And in Non-Thanksgiving News:


Get Your Hands on Some Palm Pesto

I'm a little giddy around this spring weather. It makes me want to have light, bright and healthy every single day. But salads and rice bowls can get exceptionally boring.

I recently went to a restaurant that had a chopped hearts of palm salsa on top of a fish. It was tart and refreshing - and everything I want in my springtime meals. So I took the idea and made it into a lunchtime-friendly all purpose pesto kind of sauce. It's basically just throwing a bunch of deliciousness in a blender and then making sure you keep some on hand for anything you want to brighten up.

I made it for a rice bowl and then literally ate it for lunch every single day for a week. I started pouring it on eggs in the morning and salads at night. It's the very definition of cheap and cheerful. 

The Shoulder Season Stunner is Zucchini Parm

It is sunny here in New York today but this will-it-or-won't-it spring still has me hankering for something comforting. So what do you do think this shoulder weather?

Enter the zucchini parm. It's the lightened up version, a lot of vegetables, a lot of freshness with basil and lemon an still a bit of cheese to bring it together. It can be prepped ahead, which for me is usually half the battle.

So if you need an easy, warming meal, I can't think of anything better


Two Cocktails to Spice Up the Winter

It's hard to make a drink for the holidays that doesn't feel like the same-old eggnog or cranberry concoction. So what if you broke out of the mold and tried something from either side of the flavor spectrum?

A Look at Puglia's Wines

For many Italians, Puglia has been the best kept secret in the country for quite some time. But the secret is out. And from the incredible food to the gorgeous beaches people are now flocking to the heel of the boot. But if you can't get to Puglia there is one item that can give you a taste - Puglian wines. 


Kitchen Organizational Help is Here, and It Couldn't Come Soon Enough

For those of you who follow along with my instagram (hi!), you might know that I am at the tail end of a kitchen renovation. It's super exciting since I will now have a space to film that is totally set up for it - an awesome new stage for this little show. 

But of course the larger issue with a new kitchen is figuring out the set up. And even those who have been in a kitchen for a long time can sometimes need to make our life more efficient. There is a little dance we do every time we cook, moving from spot to spot as we go from prep to cooking to cleanup. Anyone who can make that easier is a godsend.

Enter Melissa Coleman, author of the blog The Faux Martha and the new book The Minimalist Kitchen. I love her style and her easy bright personality. The book is full of incredible recipes but also a lot of tips and tricks for paring down the clutter and getting organized. So there was no more fitting first guest in the kitchen. You'll have to excuse the lighting (better lights coming soon) and ignore the fact that there were no cabinets above us (ha! careful framing) but the advice is about as top notch as it gets.

Rethink Everything You Know About Combining Flavors

I know it might seem like Bring It! is the only cookbook out this spring (ha) but I just had to sit down and chat with one of my favorite chefs, James Briscione, about his new book The Flavor Matrix. It delves into the science of what makes certain flavors work together - and a lot of what he discovered in his research will surprise you. 


5 Questions for Casey Webb

I'm not sure there's any job dreamier than traveling around the country getting paid to eat the most exciting things you can find. But that's the gig Casey Webb has with the new iteration of The Travel Channel's Man V. Food. We sat down with the host to ask him our 5 Questions

How to Make Shrimp Puglia-Style

I recently went to Puglia and discovered something both amazing and intuitive: when you are faced with the world's best ingredients you don't have to do a lot to make them shine.  We learned a recipe that is all about taking the freshness of the sea and keeping it as light and simple as possible.

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