We Found Something Even Better Than Butter

It’s hard to beat butter. Plain, perfect butter can make almost every dish better.

But what if you could improve upon the classic? Josh Green founded Brooklyn Buttery on the notion that butter can be great on its own but also as a conduit for even more flavor. With a high quality butter as the base the addition of flavors like lemon or Sriracha can make for a surprising addition. It’s basically like an instantaneous sauce,

While you can buy the butters of Brooklyn Buttery we decided to have Josh over to give us a little lesson in compound butters - the name for butter combined with other flavors. He talked through the types of ingredients that work; how long you can keep different compound butters; and recipe ideas.

Watch the video and as a bonus we have the two recipes you see in the video, below

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Drown Yourself in Bread Balls

This time of year I start to get antsy for spring. February is over and it should be warm.- except it never actually is.

But the good news is that we can enjoy all the incredibly warming recipes of winter for a little longer. Luckily, we have just the recipe, from a book I am particularly excited about: Katie Parla’s Food of the Italian South. If you aren’t familiar with Katie’s work then you just aren’t reading enough about Italy. The Rome-based journalist has written some of the best food and travel guides for the region. Her first book, Tasting Rome, is an engrossing love letter to the food of one of the world’s greatest food cities. And now her upcoming book explores the cuisine of Italy’s Southern regions.

I am so excited for this book (since my love of Italy is basically unsurpassed) and loved having Katie in the kitchen to showcase one of the book’s recipes. She shared her Polpette Casce e Ovo - essentially bread ‘meatballs’. They are doughy delights and perfect for staying inside and eating to your heart’s content.

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Want a Tour of My Kitchen?

For those of you who have been watching this season of Potluck you might have noticed that we finally have a studio kitchen for the show. It’s been a major addition and I think it really is making this season the best one yet.

But if you want to get a fun look at the whole space (instead of just what you see on the show) then take a look at this video Food & Wine shot showcasing the whole space. It gives a look at the sillier side that you don’t get to see otherwise - like my terrible mugs and my attempts at crafting.

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Catch the Newest Season of Potluck on NYC Life

The 11th season (!!) of Potluck with Ali Rosen has arrived on NYC Life and we are excited to have all new episodes to share eery Thursday night at 8:30pm. If you don’t live in the New York tristate area - or if you are a cord cutter and want to watch everything online - we’ve still got you covered. You can watch every episode online as well by going here to the NYC Life website.

So enjoy the new episodes and thanks for watching!

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Can You Love a Vegan Sushi Roll?

Sometimes the proof is in the flavor, and it’s almost impossible to convey something through a video. That’s how I felt when I tried a Beyond Sushi roll - because as a huge sushi lover it was hard for me to believe I could also fall in love with a vegan version. But Chef Guy Vaknin came by to share his methods and explain that his plant-based take on the classic Japanese dish could have its own excitement. And while I might never give up the real deal, I am definitely a convert.

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Jamie Oliver Has a Secret For Making Dinner Quick

I spent my college years in the UK so I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Jamie Oliver. I was living there right as he was growing in popularity in the British consciousness (I might date myself here) and he was really my first introduction to British cooking, well before I knew I would have a career in food. And as years went on I loved watching him transform into an advocate healthy school lunches. He has always seemed to hold a sensible middle ground that advocated for healthy options while also not veering into total health fanatic category.

So the chance to sit down with him and chat about his newest book, 5 Ingredients, was a delight. We touched on everything from rock star ingredients that can transform a dish to getting kids cooking. Watch the video below to hear Jamie’s take and perhaps you might have a bit more confidence in your weeknight cooking!

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You Need Carla Hall's Brilliant Shrimp Technique

Any time spent with Carla Hall is just pure delight, due to her being among the most genuine and charming people around. But it is extra fun getting to cook from her newest book - Carla Hall’s Soul Food - because it is such a beautiful personal exploration. The book takes a unique perspective on her own background and includes a lot of vignettes via a road trip.

But of course the recipes are what really draw us all in and I couldn’t wait to get her unique take on shrimp. Her Cracked Shrimp recipe is a twist on the cracked conch she saw when she worked in the Caribbean and it has completely shifted my view on cooking shrimp. Watch the video below to see her technique and get the recipe to try it yourself!

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Checking In On Your Meat Safety

If one good thing came out of the shutdown perhaps it is a growing realization that all of our food is actually inspected. While people seem to know this in the abstract it became much clearer once everyone started to read about how much rigor goes into our food supply. There are a lot of mechanisms in place to try and keep us all safe across an almost unfathomably large food chain.

This website is all about judgement-free cooking so if you don’t have time to get to a local butcher, I completely understand. But if that’s the case then it’s all the more important that you understand the differences in larger-scale food and what is safe versus what is healthy.

When it comes to meat, there is a lot to know when it comes to health that might behoove you to buy higher quality meat. But in terms of safety we are very lucky that the system is in place to keep us as safe as possible (with the understanding that, of course, nothing is infallible) no matter the price point. So I was happy to put on my Dr Oz Food Investigator hat this week to chat with him about meat safety and a viral photo that had a lot of people nervous. Watch the video below to see the whole segment and hopefully feel a little bit better when it comes to buying your meat, no matter what circumstances you are purchasing under!

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