You Really Can Make Ceviche at Home, I Promise

There are some things that we seem to have a mental block for home cooking. And despite our constant ordering of sushi and the rise of poke bowls, we are all still so hesitant to make anything with raw fish at home.

But why? If you have a good grocery store in your area (or even a local fishmonger) there is no reason to not bring the popular concoctions home.

One of my favorites is ceviche. I'm a sucker for lime and I'm an especially huge fan of the Peruvian version which adds corn and sweet potatoes to the mix.

So I went over to Mission Ceviche to chat with Chef Jose Luis Chavez about his thoughts on choosing your seafood for ceviche. From raw fish to varieties that are cooked (hello shrimp and octopus) it is totally doable to have a bit of ceviche from your own fridge.

So watch the video below or follow the full recipe after



Mission Ceviche's Classic Bowl

5 oz white fresh fish (you can use flounder, fluke, octopus, shrimp or any firm white fish)
Juice of 8 fresh, juicy limes
I/4 red onions, finely julienned
Red habanero chile, brunoise cut
Pinch Rocoto paste ( depending on how spicy you like it)
Peruvian corn (cancha)
Sweet potatoes, roasted and cubed

Mix the first 6 ingredients together in a bowl . Garnish with some peruvian corns (cancha) and cubed sweet potatoes. Serve immediately!