Win an Ultimate Meat Giveaway

It is two weeks until Bring It! is out in the world and to celebrate we have a pretty unbelievable giveaway for those lovely people who have preordered!

Snake River Farms, one of the country's greatest meat producers, is giving one lucky winner their Ultimate Chefs Gift which includes Kurobuta ham, bacon and American Wagyu beef. I'm kind of upset I can't win this to be quite honest. It goes great with a lot of great recipes in Bring It! including the Ginger Beef whose amazing photo is below

Ginger Beef courtesy Noah Fecks

So here's how you enter:

- Post a screenshot or photo of your Bring It Pre-order on Instagram or Facebook.

- Include the hashtag #BringItGiveaway

- Make sure to follow myself and Snake River Farms on either Facebook or Instagram.

Super easy right? Winners will be chosen early next week when we will start ANOTHER giveaway for a different prize (it might be a Breville FastSlowPro...). Good news is that if you enter this one you are ALSO entered for that and our week-of prizes as well.

And you get something NO MATTER WHAT: send an email to where I will send ANYONE who has pre-ordered a signed bookplate with whatever message you want. Preorder link is in my profile

So it's kind of a banner day, right? Check out here for the full rules but keep in mind this giveaway runs until 12am March 5th 2018 and is only available for US residents.

About Snake River Farms
Founded in 1999, Snake River Farms has been passionate about delivering the finest eating experiences, a luxury once reserved exclusively for the world’s most esteemed restaurants. Featured on the menus of three-star Michelin-rated restaurants, Snake River Farms products include American Wagyu beef, fresh Kurobuta pork and gourmet hams. The family-owned business began with a small herd of Wagyu cattle from the Kobe region of Japan. The Wagyu bulls were crossed with premium American cattle to form a proprietary herd that has developed into one of the finest groups of American Wagyu cattle in the U.S. Along with their American Wagyu beef and Berkshire pork, Snake River Farms also makes gourmet hamburgers, hams, sausages, frankfurters and hardwood smoked bacon. All products are made with only the finest ingredients to ensure an exquisite eating experience. For more information please visit

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