The Time Has Come for a New Fashioned

Classic cocktails have stood the test of time for a reason, but even the most perfect cocktails can use a good twist now and then. As long as the twist is from the right person!

Enter award-winning bartender Luis Hernandez of Gibson + Luce in the Life Hotel. He takes the perfect combination and tweaks it to give it little more life and modernity.

So if you’re in need of a good warming cocktail for the weather watch the video below and give it a whirl.

New Fashioned

.75 oz Woodford Rye
.75 oz Lairds Applejack 
1 oz Oloroso sherry 
.25 oz IPA Demerara 
2 Dash Orange Bitters
1 Dash Tiki Salt 

Stir all ingredients together and strain onto fresh ice, garnish with a dehydrated apple.