The Simplest Indian Pickle

Pickling doesn't always seem to bring fresh ingredients to mind, but it's actually the best place to begin. A great item doesn't need a lot of work to be perfectly pickled if it is in peak condition. We went to 10 Acre farms with Babu Ji's Jessi Singh and got a lesson in easy pickling. He made us a recipe for a simple, Indian-style pickled chili. 


Ginger & Chili Pickle

6-8 long green chillies
Fresh ginger peeled and cut.
2-3 lemons for juice.
salt to taste.

Wash the ginger and green chillies and. Cut the green chillies in half and remove all the seeds ( only if you can’t want heat). Cut them further into strips. Similarly cut the ginger pieces in juliennes. Now add these to a clean and dry jar and to it add salt. Give it a quick shake/mix well. Then squeeze in the lemon juice sufficient to cover/soak all the pieces. Give it one final mix.