The Easy Secret to India's Best Street Food

I lived in India for a year and its food will always have a special kind of hold on me. But one snack in particular is near-impossible for me to resist: Bhel Puri. It's an Indian street food snack that you can find everywhere. When made well it has the perfect ratio of sweet, tangy, spicy and crunchy. It is every kind of flavor packed into one delicious bite.

So when I tried Floyd Cardoz's version I knew we needed his recipe. I have loved his cooking for years but I am so in love with his newest spot Bombay Bread Bar. It brings me back to my time in India but with a New York twist.

Watch the video below or follow the recipe to make your own!


Floyd Cardoz's Bhel Puri

Serves 6

2/3  cup minced red onions
2/3  cup boiled diced potatoes
½ cup grated mango
¼ cup chiffonade cilantro
1 tablespoons minced serrano
6 tablespoons tamarind chutney
6 tablespoons cilantro chutney
½ teaspoons  chat masala
1/8 teaspoons  cayenne
¼ teaspoons  toasted cumin
Juice of 2 limes
½ cup peanuts
8 cups puffed rice
2 cups nylon sev

In a large bowl add all of the ingredients except for the last two (puffed rice and sev) and mix well. Just before serving  add the puffed rice.

Spoon in bowls and sprinkle sev on top