The Easiest Chili Sauce Around

Want a single sauce that will be freshness and zing to everything from meats to salad? We've got you covered with this green chili sauce from BabuJi's Jessi Singh

Green Chili Sauce

Servings: Makes about a pint.

225 gm lime or Lemon juice
250 gm water
20 gm green Thai chili
75 gm ginger (peeled)
220 gm scallions
115 gm cilantro
110 gm mint (picked)
250 gm ice
145 gm sugar
15 gm Kosher salt

Add the lime juice, water, green thai chili, ginger, scallions and cilantro to Blender. Blend until smooth. Add mint to blender and blend until smooth. Add sugar, kosher salt and ice.