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Surprisingly Gluten-Free Empanadas

I have to admit that I am always a skeptic when someone says 'gluten-free'. Often-times substitutions just mean something that tastes a lot worse than the original. But when something is already gluten-free - like a great flourless chocolate cake - I am right on board.

You would not think that empanadas fit into that category but in Ecuador they actually do. That's because they use starchy plantains to make the dough. When I first head about Luis Jaramillo's version at his restaurant Fifty I was intrigued. And then I tasted them and now I am a convert. 

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The Secrets to Pork Loin

I am definitely guilty of buying the pre-cut versions of my meat because I'm too afraid to break down an entire cut. But I know that every time I do I'm wasting money on something so simple. So we went to Pig Bleecker to get chef Matt Abdoo to show us the ways of the pork loin. From a bone-in tenderloin to a pork chop, he shows us how to easily take charge of our meat destiny.

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Understanding Regional Barbecue

There aren't a lot of topics that inspire quite as much debate as barbecue. According to Matt Moore, the author of the awesomely titled 'The South's Best Butts', whatever BBQ you grew up with is what you remain loyal to. But even for those of us who love a good low-and-slow cooked piece of meat, it can often seem overwhelming to distinguish all the different types. So we got Moore to break it down for us.

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