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Hear Me Out on Adding Cheese to Your Smoothie

I was a little skeptical at the idea of cheese in my smoothie. And why wouldn't I bet? At first glance it kind of sounds like a joke.

But then Tia Keenan suggested it and suddenly I was intrigued. You might know Tia from her Wall Street Journal column or her awesome first book The Art of the Cheese Plate. But now she is out with a new addition to the Short Stack Editions all about chevre. And in it she recreates the classic Orange Julius but with a cheesy twist.

And here's the thing: if yogurt makes such a great base for a smoothie why not add a bit of chevre? It gives protein, a little bit of tang, and a firming texture to the drink. Once I tried it I was a believer.

So if you want to give it a whirl and shake up your morning smoothie, watch the video below or follow the recipe!

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A Doubly Fennel Salad Recipe

So I'm starting with the first Salad Hero by using an ingredient a lot of people scoff at: a fennel and its fronds. Yes there's more to a fennel than just its bulb. Instead of throwing half of it away we are using the fronds (that Oprah recently thought was dill. Oops.) to take it that extra mile. It's a win-win, that isn't too overpowering but gives the salad a bit of an extra something. Some might even call it a salad hero.

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