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The Easiest One Pan Meal Imaginable

Few people can make healthy food seem extremely fun, but Ellie Krieger has that effect. Through her many books and cooking shows she always gives the impression that you can have your cake, eat it too and somehow find a way to make it as good for you as possible.

But her new book takes it to a new level because not only is she giving recipes that are healthy, but she’s saving you time and energy in the kitchen. Whole in One is all about cooking with one pot and making your life as easy as possible. If you cant do it in one pot there are no cheats her - she has figured out how to make it work.

We had Ellie in the kitchen to chat about the new book and make her herbed lentil skillet with spinach, tomatoes and ricotta. I’m not even going to pretend like I didn’t subsequently make this dish every night for a week - it was the perfect type of dish for real life. It was easy, quick, minimal clean-up and most importantly delicious.

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A Surprising Twist on Chili for the Warmer Months

Once spring shows up even a little bit I try to lean into it as much as possible - picnics outside (even if it’s a touch too cold), as many snap peas and asparagus as I can find, and light jackets that might require an extra few layers underneath.

But some dishes can help bridge that seasonal gap, and who better to help than Jenni Kayne. You may be more familiar with Jenni as a designer but her new book, Pacific Natural, also lets you into her chic California world. The book is divided by seasons and includes recipes but also a wider look at entertaining. Jenni makes everything look gorgeous while still being effortless, and in the book she shares how as a mom and business owner she gets it all done without a lot of fuss.

So Jenni suggested a chili that is perfect for spring or summer - packed with veggies and beans, it is actually vegan but also includes optional toppings that could satisfy anyone who needs a bit of dairy in their life.

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