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The Healthiest Sandwich Trick

I love a good hack, and apple sandwiches are kind of my new current favorite. If you use tart apples instead of bread you create a whole new category with texture and a fun factor that is hard to beat.

Recently Siri Daly stopped by to talk about her new book, Siriously Delicious. The wife of famed tv host Carson Daly uses her book and blog to showcase her easy recipes that help her keep her busy family on the go. Siri is one of those people who tries to make life easier and I loved the fun outlook in the book. But these  apple sandwiches with nut butter and granola have made me a convert.

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Jacques Pepin's Advice To Young Cooks

It's one thing to learn to cook from Jacques Pepin on television. It's quite another to get to do it by his side. That's the experience of his (extremely lucky!) grandaughter Shorey, and their experience together is shared in a new book A Grandfather's Lessons. We sat down to chat with Pepin about a new generation of cooks - and how to realistically expect to teach someone to cook today.

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Yogurt Without a Fridge: A Look at Shelf-Stable Dairy

Some things in our food world we just take as a given - like dairy products are always in the fridge. But walk the aisle of any European grocery store and you’ll see rows and rows of dairy on a shelf. So what are we so afraid of?I went to Normandy France, home of history, cider, and a whole lot of dairy cows to find out.

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