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Danny Meyer Wants You to Find Art In Your Food

It’s not often that a major city gets an entirely new neighborhood right in the center of the city, but that’s what has happened in New York with Hudson Yards. And with this big new neighborhood has come a plethora of big name restaurants and restaurateurs so it was to no one’s surprise that Danny Meyer teamed up with the newest cultural institution, The Shed, to bring his stamp to the proceedings.

We got a chance to catch up with Meyer to talk about his newest spot, Cedric’s at the Shed, and we delved into the new area, the intersection of art and food, and why Meyer keeps finding ways to open up inside cultural space. Hopefully it’ll be a bit of inspiration to make your next dining experience an artistic one as well.

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What Makes a Great Cutting Board?

So much of how we stock a kitchen ends up being about timing. When you are first moving in and someone hands you a few hand-me-downs, those items can often stick around longer than intended. I am so guilty of this - I have ladles I never use or semi-cracked strainers that I should just give up on. But the place with the most knick-knacks in my kitchen is cutting boards.

My cutting boards are like varying stages of my life: cheap plastic ones to get the job done; a tiny one that I bought once for a picnic; a wooden one I bought as a surfboard for my son's halloween costume (true story) that now I just use; and a really nice one from when we got married.

But of all the items in your kitchen, there are few we actually use more than the cutting board. So shouldn't we have a more purposeful collection that can work in any scenario? I went to Gotham Bar & Grill to sit down and chat about it with Chef and Owner Alfred Portale. When I had stopped in recently to try their new bar menu I was enamored with their cutting boards - and then someone informed me that he makes them. I can barely make it out of my house in the morning. So I knew I had to sit down with Alfred and get his take on how we should all be using out cutting boards.

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Kitchen Organizational Help is Here, and It Couldn't Come Soon Enough

For those of you who follow along with my instagram (hi!), you might know that I am at the tail end of a kitchen renovation. It's super exciting since I will now have a space to film that is totally set up for it - an awesome new stage for this little show. 

But of course the larger issue with a new kitchen is figuring out the set up. And even those who have been in a kitchen for a long time can sometimes need to make our life more efficient. There is a little dance we do every time we cook, moving from spot to spot as we go from prep to cooking to cleanup. Anyone who can make that easier is a godsend.

Enter Melissa Coleman, author of the blog The Faux Martha and the new book The Minimalist Kitchen. I love her style and her easy bright personality. The book is full of incredible recipes but also a lot of tips and tricks for paring down the clutter and getting organized. So there was no more fitting first guest in the kitchen. You'll have to excuse the lighting (better lights coming soon) and ignore the fact that there were no cabinets above us (ha! careful framing) but the advice is about as top notch as it gets.

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