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You Need Carla Hall's Brilliant Shrimp Technique

Any time spent with Carla Hall is just pure delight, due to her being among the most genuine and charming people around. But it is extra fun getting to cook from her newest book - Carla Hall’s Soul Food - because it is such a beautiful personal exploration. The book takes a unique perspective on her own background and includes a lot of vignettes via a road trip.

But of course the recipes are what really draw us all in and I couldn’t wait to get her unique take on shrimp. Her Cracked Shrimp recipe is a twist on the cracked conch she saw when she worked in the Caribbean and it has completely shifted my view on cooking shrimp. Watch the video below to see her technique and get the recipe to try it yourself!

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The Crispiest Fried Green Tomato

I basically swoon over any menu that has fried green tomatoes on it. But I never quite have the courage to make them at home. It always seems like the kind of thing I would mess up and never quite understand what the heck was going wrong. But then I met Anne Thornton of 33 Greenwich. And she swore up and down that they were the easiest things to make. So I decided to give it a whirl. 

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