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The Dish: Shuko's Twist on Cod

There is no other place like Shuko. The Japanese spot, which serves some of the best omakase and kaiseki in New York, has it’s own particular vibe that is unlike any other little corner of the city. A lot has been said about the music (let’s just say a lot more modern than most expensive temples to Japanese gastronomy) but more than that it is a sense of fun that often disappears when in the presence of excellent, high end food.

So I wanted to get a sense of what dish they felt best exemplified the restaurant, and I was not disappointed by the choice. Instead of the sushi they are most known for, the pick was a robata course from their kaiseki menu: the Grilled Gindara Cod. Why cod - one of the most common fish - for a restaurant that revels in finding the most special ingredients? Well because the best possible cod, prepared in the most thoughtful way, can still be the most excellent dish. And that’s the fun part of Shuko.

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