Sloe Ginn Fizz

Sloe Ginn Fizz is a classic drink that is making a comeback. But is there a way to make it even more exciting? We went to Measure at Langham Place to get their take on how to make a bottled version.


2oz Sloe Gin

1oz Meyer Lemon + Thyme Syrup

3oz Soda Water

Meyer Lemon + Thyme Syrup

Start by preparing the Meyer lemon and thyme syrup. Use the zest of five Meyer lemons and a small bunch of thyme in a quart container.

Fill 2/3 with boiling water. Let steep for 10 minutes. Add white sugar tip full. Stir. Refrigerate until cooled.

To make the cocktail: Start with everything as cold as possible. This includes all ingredients and the bottle you’re using to house the cocktail. This will help keep the bubbles alive.

First, stir the Plymouth Sloe Gin and the Meyer Thyme Syrup together in a separate vessel. Once combined, funnel it in to the chilled bottle. Carefully add 3oz of cold soda water.

Once all ingredients are in the bottle, use a bottle cap and a bottle capper to capture the cocktail in the bottle.

Refrigerate until ready to serve.