Rethinking Vegan

I'm a pretty happy meat eater. While I do tend to eat more vegetables and often find my meals happen to be vegetarian, I can't really imagine a world where I give up meat (or cheese for that matter). But even if you are like me, there's certainly a great case for trying to always find more plant-based recipes and so that's why I fell so hard for Jean-Christian Jury's new book Vegan. He traveled all over the world to find new flavors and recipes that will tempt even the staunchest steak lover. And if you are already a Vegan than this is quite the bible for you. Watch our interview above to see his take on updating classics, trying out veganism in the mornings, and what his favorite recipes are from the book. 

And if you want to win a copy for yourself, go to my Instagram page for a chance to win a very cool, wisdom-filled, personalized copy of the book (Giveaway rules here).