Pineapple Dainty

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My grandmother was the quintessential pie-baking grandmother. When she passed away I got all her recipes written down on notecards. I've been enjoying going back to them and trying to modernize them, but this time I shared the story with Bon Appetit. I feel super proud of this article and loved writing it. But I've gotten a lot of requests for the actual recipe! So I'm pasting her recipe card below. Make it for yourself and then read the article!

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Pineapple Dainty (My slightly adapted version)


1/2 pound marshmallows, cut into quarters (homemade if you can swing it)

2 cups finely chopped pineapple

1 cup whipping cream


Combine pineapple with marshmallows and let stand over night in the fridge.When ready to serve beat the cream until it resembles the texture of whipped cream. Gently fold 2/3 of the whipped cream in with the pineapple mixture. Place the mixture into glasses and then top with the rest of the whipped cream

Note: if you want to add a bit of extra zing to the proceedings you can also include some zested ginger or finely chopped mint.


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