Sweet Potato Gnocchi Is a Game Changer

I am obsessed with the middle ground of recipes that are easy but look fancy. So when I saw Adrienne Cheatham's sweet potato gnocchi recipe I knew I had to share it.

Gnocchi is one of the only pastas I make at home because it is so easy and yet it seriously impresses people. But the sweet potato twist takes it a step further because with no extra work you are adding an extra comforting flavor and a beautiful color. Combine that with my absolute fave miso paste and you had me at hello.

You might recognize Adrienne from last season's Top Chef (where she was a total boss and made it to the finals) but now you can find her at her pop up dinners, Sunday Best, which showcase her classically trained, Southern-inspired cooking. Mostly now I just want her to come cook with me every day. But in lieu of that we have a video of her awesome technique and a full recipe below. 

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Red Miso and Broccoli Rabe

2 sweet potatos, baked at 350°F until tender
1 whole egg
1 cup ricotta cheese, drained for about 2 hours to remove excess liquid
1/2 cup grated Parmesan
2 teaspoons salt
2 cups AP flour (plus more as needed)

2 tablespoons butter
1/4 cup red miso paste
2 tablespoons water
1/4 teaspoon  freshly grated nutmeg
Freshly grated black pepper
Broccoli rabe florets from 1 bunch, trimmed and blanched
1 cup broccoli rabe leaves
1/2 cup toasted pecan pieces


For the gnocchi, take the tender sweet potatoes and remove the skin. Pulse flesh in a food processor until smooth. Scrape into a large bowl and add the egg, drained ricotta, Parmesan, and salt, mix well.

Use a wooden spoon and fold in flour, 1/2c at a time, until a soft dough forms.

Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface, and divide into 8 pieces. Press lightly with your palms and roll dough into a long rope, about ½-inch thick. Cut the rope into pieces about ¾-1-inch long. Keep cut gnocchi on a floured tray while rolling and cutting the remaining dough.

Bring a medium pot of salted water to a boil over high heat. Add the gnocchi and gently stir to make sure they are not sticking together. Cook until the gnocchi begin to float and remove with a slotted spoon. Hold on a large plate.

While the gnocchi cool, melt the butter in a large saute pan over medium-high heat. In a small bowl, mix the red miso and water to make a thick paste.

When the butter begins to bubble, add the gnocchi and saute until they begin to brown. Add the nutmeg, a pinch of black pepper, and the miso mixture, and continue to cook over medium-low heat.

Add the broccoli rabe florets and leaves and cook until the leaves are wilted. Divide onto serving plates and garnish with the toasted pecans.

Serve immediately with a little shaved parmesan for garnish.