How to Make Shrimp Puglia-Style

I recently went to Puglia and discovered something both amazing and intuitive: when you are faced with the world's best ingredients you don't have to do a lot to make them shine. 

While traveling to Italy to learn about their wines with San Marzano (more video on that to come!), we also stopped at Ristorante La Barca di Ciro. We learned a recipe that is all about taking the freshness of the sea and keeping it as light and simple as possible.

Now I understand not everyone has the ocean right outside their door. But this recipe is easily adaptable if you have a great local fishmonger or grocery store that can sell you sashimi-grade shrimp. You may not have the exact ingredients but the sentiment will remain the same - beautiful shrimp, ripe tomatoes, a bit of spices and you are ready to rumble. Just make sure to try it with a glass of Puglian wine by your side.