Keep Your Summer Cooking Game Strong

Cherry Tomato Tart - page116.jpg

While I myself am sadly doing nothing of any particular excitement for summer holidays, for most people it is a chance to cook, grill and enjoy the great outdoors.

So I thought I would round up a few recipes to get everyone prepared for what tends to be one of my favorite holidays. After all, it's basically just summer weather, fireworks and nothing to do but grill 

Make use of tomato season starting and try this Cherry Tomato Tart from Bring It!. It was recently featured in my hometown paper, The Post and Courier. Another Bring It! classic, perfect for this time of year is the Watermelon Ribs, that were featured on Food & Wine.

If you want something else using the best of summer try this recent corn and black bean recipe. It has a little bit of a sweet twist and is perfect as a hearty salad that won't wilt outdoors. 

I also love this tomato and peach gazpacho - it takes the classic idea and twists it up with one of the best stone fruits around. And it is easy to make ahead and have on hand. 

Sticking with summer fruit, if you want a light main dish try this fish with a strawberry glaze. It is so light and refreshing and also is great for a party served at room temperature or even a bit chilled. 

And finally, to keep the theme going you can tuck into this fried blueberry salad as well.

Can you tell I'm obsessed with summer fruits at the moment? Happy 4th everyone and enjoy your summer every possible minute!