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Vinegar and Herb Pork Butt Is the Bright Dish You Need

If you caught me on Dr Oz today you’ll have seen me demo’ing a recipe for pork butt in a segment on the best cheap cuts of meat. And while it’s true that pork butt is one of the best values it also happens to be one of the most flavorful cuts around. It just requires a bit of low and slow cooking, although the prep is as easy as could be - or if you are a fan of the instant pot it is even easier,since you could make it in less than an hour.

But this recipe is packed with flavor - lots of herbs and lots of vinegar make a bright delight ready to take on any occasion.

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Checking In On Your Meat Safety

If one good thing came out of the shutdown perhaps it is a growing realization that all of our food is actually inspected. While people seem to know this in the abstract it became much clearer once everyone started to read about how much rigor goes into our food supply. There are a lot of mechanisms in place to try and keep us all safe across an almost unfathomably large food chain.

This website is all about judgement-free cooking so if you don’t have time to get to a local butcher, I completely understand. But if that’s the case then it’s all the more important that you understand the differences in larger-scale food and what is safe versus what is healthy.

When it comes to meat, there is a lot to know when it comes to health that might behoove you to buy higher quality meat. But in terms of safety we are very lucky that the system is in place to keep us as safe as possible (with the understanding that, of course, nothing is infallible) no matter the price point. So I was happy to put on my Dr Oz Food Investigator hat this week to chat with him about meat safety and a viral photo that had a lot of people nervous. Watch the video below to see the whole segment and hopefully feel a little bit better when it comes to buying your meat, no matter what circumstances you are purchasing under!

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How Should You Choose and Store Your Nuts?

There are few snacks I love more than nuts, but I am a big fan of variety, so I am always looking to switch it up. But with so many options today how can we know what to look for and what to avoid?

I stopped by Dr Oz and put on my Food Investigator hat to dig into the topic of nuts recently. There are some key things everyone should know - from the health-related ingredient lists to the cost-conscious ways to shop to the best ways to store.

So watch the video below before I result to puns - this is nuts (ha, couldn’t help it).

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Don't Fall for Fake Cheese

I love few things in life more than cheese (sorry husband and child…) so it’s a topic I get pretty excited about. This week I got to put my Food Investigator hat on for Dr Oz and delve deep into the world of cheese. I did a segment at a cheese import facility to showcase the difference of real cheese and then came back in the studio to explain a lot of the additives and extras we see in processed cheese.

So if you want to learn more watch below (and note that there are actually 4 segments for this so just keep going if you want to see more!).

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