Can We Call This the Perfect Party Cocktail?

I love cocktails but I am not usually a big fan of cocktail books. I don't want to buy 3 new liqueurs and a set of bitters just to make one drink. So I can't tell you how happy I was to see Maggie Hoffman's The One Bottle Cocktail. The entire premise eliminates your fear of cocktails-at-home in that it centers on the idea of only one spirit. Every drink is complex, fresh, interesting and only requires purchasing a single bottle of booze. Add onto that that Maggie is delightful - and that she shines through the pages - and you have an essential book on your hands.

I was so glad that on a recent trip to NYC Maggie decided to stop by the test kitchen and make a cocktail. This one is particularly awesome because in making it you also get a side of salsa. It's perfect for brunch, parties or just snacking at home with your very own bottle of vodka. 

Watch the video below and then make the recipe for yourself!

recipe by Matthew McKinley Campbell for The One Botle Cocktail

Makes about 12 drinks

25 fresh cilantro stems with leaves
2 green onions, top third of greens removed
8 cherry tomatoes
1 cup diced fresh pineapple
8 ounces lime juice
5 ounces water
4 ounces undiluted agave nectar
1 ounce adobo sauce from canned chipotles
Pinch salt
About 24 ounces vodka

GARNISH: 12 cocktail picks, each with 1 cherry tomato half

Slice cilantro and green onions into 3-inch segments, then add to a blender along with tomatoes, pineapple, lime juice, water, agave nectar, adobo sauce, and salt. Process until smooth. Strain through a chinois or fine-mesh strainer into a large measuring cup. Set aside solids to serve as a salsa, refrigerating if not serving immediately. 

Measure the liquid mix (it should yield about 24 ounces) and pour into a 2-quart pitcher or resealable container along with an equal amount of vodka. If not serving right away, refrigerate for up to 3 hours. 

When ready to serve, stir mixture well, then add 1 ½ cups ice to pitcher and give it another gentle stir. Pour into ice-filled rocks glasses and garnish each one with a speared cherry tomato half.