5 Questions for Tom Colicchio

You might know Tom Colicchio from his long running stint on Top Chef or from his many restaurants in New York and beyond. But we sat down with him on the occasion of a rebranding of his sandwich shop, "Wichcraft,  And he delightfully answered questions on everything from his favorite city he's filmed in to the brain drain of chefs in big cities.

The Easiest Bread Ever

I'd choose bread over pretty much anything. Any dessert; any steak; maybe even my family (sorry, but I just really love bread). But that doesn't mean I ever attempt to make it. Who has time for that!? Well Alexandra Stafford might be able to change my mind.

How Beer Is Made in 1 Minute

Beer is pretty complex to make a people have spent lifetimes studying it. But for the casual beer drinker like myself, it's sometimes more realistic to have an overview (don't think I have many beer brewing days in front of me). I recently took a trip to Portland, Maine and had the good fortune to stop into the Allagash Brewery.

The Blooming Mushroom

Growing up it was almost impossible to miss the ads for the Bloomin' Onion. It's one of the few dishes outside of fast food and pizza that somehow made it into the American consciousness. How did a deep-fried onion become a concept that everyone new about? No matter its status, it's time to shake things up. So we went to Bowery Road to get their fun take on the classic with a Bloomin' Mushroom.

Rethinking Vegan

I'm a pretty happy meat eater. While I do tend to eat more vegetables and often find my meals happen to be vegetarian, I can't really imagine a world where I give up meat (or cheese for that matter). But even if you are like me, there's certainly a great case for trying to always find more plant-based recipes and so that's why I fell so hard for Jean-Christian Jury's new book Vegan.